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Welcome to my home for a Wee Cup 'O' Kindness Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea

Welcome to my Home

and please enjoy 

a Wee Cup 'O' Kindness 

Wild mountian Highland Heather Blossom Tea & Me 

My Product I am delighted to say

 came in the top 5 Best Product  Awards at its launch in January 2020 at the 

Glasgow SECC Scottish Speciality Food & Drink Trade Fair

My love thoughts to all who have sadley lost thier lives  & my total respect go to all who have been in the front line (two of my own sons are Surgeons in the NHS) however from supermarkets to banks to transport many others have also been dealing on a daily basis with us all 

And I wish to say Thank you 

And to show my appreciation I created a Cup 'O' Kindness Award (which I had not at the beginining of the year envisioned)  to give to those who I have personally seen  acts of Kindness and made them Honorary Members of Clan Macfroachan 

 as the Clans Crest  motto is Cup 'O' Kindness

Slainte Mhath

Antosa x

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