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Breath of Life 'Trees' Pure 'Inspiration'

Pure Inspiration

The breath of life



My Art is my life

The air I breathe


My Art

 is a 

living breathing colour vibrations

Of all that I am

I am at one with one


One with all for

We are

All one

Antosa 5th April 2015

Poster produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN).




the root for both breath and spirit – to inspire – fill the body with breath, and the spirit with awareness.

The first and last thing you do in physical form is breathe.




We are to Treasure Trees as we would our life!

For they are our Life!

Purifying the air we breathe,

Trees are Pure Inspiration in every way!

have been ‘Inspired’ by nature when family came to live nearby and so started my weekly hike into Mother Natures great out doors,  boldly going where I had not trod before and this fresh blast of pure ‘Inspiration’ (fresh Air in the big outdoors) has led to absolute Artistic Inspiration

My latest 21st Century Biogeometric Art work is on the theme of Sacred Trees Revered throughout the ages by all civilizations

So Next time you’re in a forest or see a tree why not give it a hug!

I do :)! and be 'Inspired'

L Antosa x




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