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What could be more Precious than Gold?


Gold’s symbol is “Au,” which is derived from the Latin word aurum, meaning “Glowing Dawn.”

(Above right: Ancient  Symbol of the Sun

  alchemical symbol for gold

Left:  Peace of Phi Bio-geometric Art by Antosa 2014)

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I adore Gold and love even more creating with Gold.

  Gold (has become my Signature Ingredient that is woven throughout  all of my Designs, Art work, Health, Beauty  & Culinary Creations (edible 23 & 24 Carat Gold)

(Above left: 24 carat Gold facial Right : nugget of pure Gold)

Gold has been one of the most cherished substances for as far back as historians can document civilizations.

Some of the numerous gold artifacts which are part of the Varna Gold Treasure, the world's oldest processed gold)

Creating Gold

Gold is rare on Earth, in part, because it's also rare in the universe. Please view the following link

So what could be more precious than Gold?

I Believe


To Love


To be loved 'Unconditionally'

from a Heart of Gold

I believe

we all have pots of pure  Golden Love  that lie deep  within our hearts.

  It is an inexhaustable never ending treasure

I also believe

More Gold can be mined from the hearts of men and women

Than can ever be taken from the Earth Antosa x 2016

(Left:Antosa De La Rose hand painted Rose glass


embelished with edible 24 carat Gold!)


Antosa:) x

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