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'Thoughts of the Heart' Love Poems By Antosa


From my private collection of Romantic Renaissance Love Poetry

please listen to the  music as you read for my Poetry is

dedicated and written  to he who is

Simply Divine  with all my Love from the heart x Antosa x

I would gladly make you my world

I would make you my world and you would become my all

My being

 My universe

I would bask my soul in the tears and ecstasy of your dreams

I would wash my spirit in the light of your being

You are all that was


And ever shall be

For you are

I am


L Antosa x Scotland

Destiny is for me



I thus accept this

My Destiny

And I shall love you just as you are



L Antosa x Scotland

Love sets

 Ones dreams

Into a casting of pure 2carat Gold

A Love ring

 Glowing sparkling

 A universal diamond


Encompassing the

Ambrosial nectar of ones spirit & beauty

Dreams come true

Treasure our love it is

and always shall be forever

  L x Antosa Scotland

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