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Summertime Strawberries and Cream time!

Creativity is not just confined to my canvass, ceramics etc I also adore to create in the kitchen.

Recently for the final of Wimbledon Tennis I created my summertime Strawberry & Cream Tea time treats pictured here.

(click on photos to enlarge)

L & R: Strawberry cream shortcake with home made stawberry preserve


 Dear friends of mine who live nearby were given  these special afternoon treats!.

I  pick my own strawberries as I live to a nearby fruit farm where I pick all the fruit in season and then make into my home made preserves & liqueurs which I then keep and give as presents to loved ones.

Being thoughtful does not cost much only time and effort but it is worth the joy! 

Talking of joy I do enjoy a fine glass of wine! with music so please share with me this moment!

As we listen to Verdi La Traviata the drinking song!


Antosa :) x

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