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Spring is in the Air! 2015!

Spring is in the air!

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I adore Spring time for over the long winter months in Silence Mother Nature has been busy beneath the ground we walk upon and just at the right moment like an amazing yearly show Mother nature starts  the Spring orchestra of pure fresh  new life ah yes Spring time is a very special time.

Antosa over the winter has been busy working too! On a Spring Creation which I should complete on March 21st  to Herald in

Spring time 2015!

Please forgive my absence over the last few months but Antosa has been working very hard

I shall give you all a preview of my long Winters work on the 1st day of Spring time!

Till then please join with me and enjoy  Vivaldi ‘s 4 seasons

L Antosa x


. All sketches displayed are from my Diary of Art & Poetry yr 2000 

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