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Simple as a daisy & Perfect as a Pearl

Simple as a Daisy


Perfect as a Pearl

Today someone very  dear to my heart  sent me a beautiful memory of a glorious summer day July 5th just a few years ago, it was a  picture as I sat  overlooking the sea after hand picking daisies and making them into a daisy chain which I then hung around my neck.

That one picture evoked such a wonderful feeling of well- being, reminding my heart of one  not so  long ago bygone day and lazy day of a sun kissed Summer full of bliss & love.

(left:Antosa with daisy chain Right: Antosa 2yrs old )

Daisies are perhaps one of my favourite little flowers even as a little girl I loved to make daisy chains! Antosa has never really grown up!:)x

Throughout the centuries the wild daisies have in their own simple pure way established themselves into the hearts of many including myself which I include into my Art Creations

(Left: Hand Painted Daisy Floor Canvas by Antosa)

Meaning of Daisies

Innocence, especially with white daisies with yellow or pale centers.

Purity – also shown by daisies that are as white as possible.

New beginnings, which is why they are often found in bouquets for new mothers or as gifts for children.

True love – because each daisy flower is really two flowers blended together in harmony.

That the sender can keep a secret. Keeping a secret is one way a person can exhibit that they truly love another.


Antosa's life that wonderful day was

As simple as a Daisy


Perfect as a Pearl! 

L Antosa x

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