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New York International Carpet Show 7-9th Sept 2014!

I was invited  a few days ago by Denis Dodds

Founder and Owner; New York International Carpet Show,  to partisipate in the up and comming New York International Carpet Show 2014!

(click on photos to enlarge)

"Dear Antosa,

Exceptional concept, exquisitely rendered.

If you want to introduce your artistry and unique floorcoverings to the North American market/"(Denis Dodds Founder & Owner; New York Carpet Show)

The offer of exhibiting at the New York International Carpet Show 2014! it is tempting and I would love to go!

However on the home front I have been busy organizing private business meetings  over the next few months with top interior designers and buyers within the exclusive design market &  the response has been very encouraging.

I thought you would like to view 

Left:The Oldest Rug in the World: Pazyryk Carpet

To our knowledge, it is the oldest piled rug still in existence, and is housed at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.  The museum’s website description of this antique rug is as follows: “Its decoration is rich and varied: the central field is occupied by 24 cross-shaped figures, each of which consists of four stylized lotus buds.  This composition is framed by a border of griffins, followed by a border of twenty-four fallow deer.  The widest border contains representations of workhorses and men.”

Evidence obtained from recent excavations near the Caspian Sea indicates that the shearing of sheep and goats, and the spinning and weaving of the fibres obtained, was practiced as early as 6000 bc.

Based on a study of ancient artistic development, textile expert Ulrich Schurmann has reached the conclusion that the rug is of Armenian origin. 

The Persians also claim it as their own, believing that it’s an artifact from the Achaemenid Empire.

 For now, the exact origin of the Pazyryk Carpet will remain a mystery, but it’s significance and beauty is forever eternal.

And with those exquisite concluding words

I send you my Salaams

 Antosa x

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