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New Creations

New Creations, New Dreams,  New Beginings & New Tomorrows!


I am just so delighted to welcome you to Jambo Creations Ltd. As an artist I cannot express in full just how much I love no adore art. As a romantic poet and artist I wrote the following which described how much art means to me.

' I cannot give up my Dreams

just as I cannot give up the air I breathe

lest I die

Springtime is here and the heart is

filled with sunny rays 

& New Begginings'



I put so much heart and soul into my work that my spirit becomes intertwined into my work so much so at times it is a wrench to part with my art works. In fact on one occasion I was discussing with my sister who is a very accomplished  artist in her own right how difficult it was to part with one particular art work and I explained to her that I was going to make a certificate for the buyer. My sister looked at me smilingly and said' Antosa your art is not a living pedigree puppy dog! No darling sister but to me it was like giving away a baby! Such is life!:)

I shall be updating this blog with news so please keep posted and I look forward to hearing from you too!:)

L Antosa x

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