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'My Silent Love Art Creations' Baring Ones Soul!


I joined a very interesting art forum and a question arose as to "What is creativity? use only one or two words.

Without a second thought I put down 'Silent Love' why?

on my Linkedin profile which I updated  explains how I feel

'My Silent Love' Creative Art transends all Peoples, Nations Tribes,& Tongues for it speaks to ones heart, mind  & through to the windows of ones soul.

In Silence one can observe, understand & feel the simple language of 'My Silent Love' Creative Art.

(il mio amore silenzioso) (mon amour silencieux) (mi amor silencioso)(sio̱pi̱lí̱ agápi̱ mou)(upendo wangu kimya)(moy molchit lyubov') (私の沈黙の愛) (我的沉默的爱) (मेरे चुप प्यार) (حبي الصامت)

As an Art Historian & Artist I absolutely adore & love Art Creativity which I call 'My Silent Love' from the first thought to the birth of each new creation In silence, in aloneness 'My Silent Love' Art Creations begin to germinate, illuminate & grow and I enter into My , I,  Self,  'Zone' My, I, Self 'Vortex' where Time stands still there is only me, My self, I 'My Silent Love' Art Creation.

My heart, My mind,My soul &My very spirit of My being transends with and within each new creation.

As each year passes 'My Silent Love' of Art deepens.


Art is My life

My 'Silent Love'


like the air I breath

I simply cannot exist without my 'My Silent Love' Art Creations

L Antosa x

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