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My D'oro tempio di Primavera 2015!


Spring is in the air! It has arrived! :)  And it is such a joyous time as the earth starts to come alive bursting forth with New Beginnings Mother Nature blossoms as new life emerges.

(click on photos to enlarge)

There is nothing better than to sit outside in the arms of Nature as the spring sunshine envelopes you and listen in silence to the heart beat of life.

I truly do love life and I simply appreciate and adore  this time of the year.

And as promised I have produced my latest

Biogeometric φ Art work Illuminated with '24 carat Gold 

Above and right: D'oro Tempio di Primavera

Format: Original

Medium: Mixed Acrylics, Oil ancient pigments& 24 carat Gold

Style:Tired Biogeometric φ Art 

Colour: Gold

Image Size: 90 Cm x 90 Cm

My 3 dimensional

'D'oro Tempio di Primavera' (Golden Temple to Springtime) organically evolved from My Springtime 2014 hand painted floor canvass’ Primavera D'oro'

Personally 2014 was cataclysmic and as I dwelt in the eye of that vicious, unrelenting, chaotic Typhoon of life within the eye of the storm I found solace where there was utter calm, peace and I dwelt in another world where I created beauty.

Truly from Spring time 2014 into the present 2015 the more my world has fallen around me some aspects disappearing forever the more my inner Artistic spirit has risen above to such artistic creativity that even I did not envision.

Out of all my deep personal sadness and Chaos has come forth strength, freedom, Clarity, vision a resilience against all the trials of life that has produced my pure artistic creations.

Welcome to my world of Artistic inner beauty!


To all who have gone through turmoil in in their lives I dedicate this

‘To the land beyond where thoughts do dwell

And in thy heart deep sorrow lies in a darkened cell

Yet so still alone waiting watching

Till dawns a

New day

New dreams


New tomorrows!

Please Enjoy with me  a musical trip to Paris in Spring :) there are two versions of the music I like !

Hope you do too!:) 

Love Antosa x



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