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Love letters!


Lord Byron

 Empires have risen and fallen

And  All for Love

Lord Nelson’s last letter to Lady Hamilton  19th Oct 1805. Found on his desk in his cabin on H.M.S. Victory after his death at the Battle of Trafalgar.”

May the God of Battles crown my Endeavours with success at all events I will take care that my name shall ever be most dear to you and Horatia both of whom I love as much as my own life, and as my last writing before the battle will be to you so I hope in God that I shall live to finish my letter after the [Battle].”

21st  Century

One must always remember the special people who have shaped our lives

and who we have loved!

This song I once sent to

 a very special Gentleman I was honoured to have known!

He was my very own Lord Byron of East Africa!

With his tantalizing blue eyes

That hypnotized one into the depth of his soul

Like an Ocean begging you to enter


once submerged


Synchronized to become

At one

One breath

One life

One love

Dedicated to my Lord Byron of East Africa!


Antosa x

Feb 14th 2017

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