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Its a Dogs life!

It’s a Dog’s life! 

I adore animals, all animals,they  absolutely fascinate me

Perhaps that is why I started to illustrate them for my children s books and my own 4 sons always had pet dogs ( Right: Illustration based on a true story illustrating 3 sons & one of our dog too! (Illustration from my published Children's book Below:T

he crocodile who went to sea )

I  have always lived in and around animals, since a little girl my pets, have included dogs, cats, goldfish, budgies, tropical fish and hamsters oh! and the homing pigeons. Not to forget the many adopted wild animals and sea creatures!:) Ah! Yes over the years I have had quite a menagerie  'Antosa's little  Ark'

At the moment I am looking  after a friends dog 'Ella'

Dogs are such happy souls uncomplicated their joy is in walkies, food, approval and sleep. 

They love unconditionally just step out for 10 minutes and come back home and their utter joy to see you always  makes me laugh  as they leap around so happy wagging tails greeting you like a long lost friend that they have not seen for years!

Humans and dogs have had a special relationship for so long that it’s difficult to imagine a time when dogs weren’t living alongside us as pets, hunting companions, co-workers or family members.



So far the earliest known fossil evidence of dog domestication, we can look to an archaeological dig site in Israel

dating back 12,000 years where a puppy had been buried with a human holding the puppy in his arms. “The finding of a puppy skeleton in such close association with man is of particular significance as an indication of a close relationship between man and dog

Genetic Studies

Recent genetic studies suggest that dog domestication began as early as 18,800-32,100 years ago in Europe.”

AD 168–190

Chinese Emperor Ling Ti falls so in love with his dogs that he gives them the rank of senior court officials. This allows them to eat the finest food available, sleep on oriental rugs and have special bodyguards. It's a dog's life :)?



 where word came from?

c. AD 500–1500

Pets are not uncommon in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance but they are kept for the most part by wealthy households.

 Near the end of this period the word "pet" (from "petty" as in small) is introduced into English.

(Right :1604 Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614)  Portrait of Bianca Degli Utili Maselli with 

Six of Her Children Pet  Dog and Bird)


There is a very famous story that of Greyfriars Bobby  a Skye Terrier  who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh for reportedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself on 14 January 1872. I recall reading the book & watching the film as a little girl film & story comes highly recommended!:)


is it a Dogs life? 

Indeed it is!

What would life be without our beloved pets!

L Antosa x


(right: my 4 sons with one their dogs 'golden Retriever Mr G Nyali Mombasa Kenya)

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