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"C'est la vie


In life things don’t always turn out how we think sometimes it is better and sometimes well it is just life "C'est la vie (below 1st book in series)

Chronicled Adventures

of 4 Boys in Africa

Vol No 1

The Arabuko Sokoke Forest & The Mysterious lost City of  Gedi'

By Antosa Isherwood©

No matter which way the wind may blow it is the spirit that lies within that is what is really important for if you are within, happy, at peace, full of love and joy hey! then

C'est la vie no matter what storms brew externally within you are complete.

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One only needs to close ones eyes and another world can open up, what we think in our heart so we are and we become.

Antosa creates from the heart, seeing first within then it becomes a  reality.

C'est la vie

for the past 3+ or more months Antosa has been lost, away on a creative high far oh so far away

As a published children’s author/illustrator in summer of 2015 I started writing a screen play based on a new series of children’s books.

So Antosa has been on this trip away far away in my imagination and it has been a great summer and one vacation I am not giving up as I now complete the series.

Inspired by my own life in Kenya

C'est la vie ‘you can never tell which way the creative ‘wind spirit air will blow’

For that’s life!

for Antosa it has blown to creating the Chronicled Adventures  of ‘4 Boys in Africa Vol 1 and will end with Volume 6!

It is now time to seek an agent so that I can get on with just creating.

C'est la vie’

Envoyer l'amour juste pour vous

Antosa x


I love the energy of this take on the classic C'est la vie’ by Chuck Berry sung by Bruce Springsteen enjoy! :)



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