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A Blank Canvass

A Blank Canvass


I have a little motto when it comes to colour 'when in doubt go white'.


White can be a perfect pallet to any colour you want especially for Nursery & Children's Rooms.

When it comes to accessorizing your Nursery you can pick out key colours  from my Dawn to Dusk Illustrations in 'Don't run Rhino'                                                          

As seen here

with my 'Toile Cire'e' Nursery floor covering complimenting this is

Lime Green perfect with pure white and you can then adorn the nursery with key unique accessories.

And talking of Nursery Toy Boxes and 'Toile Cire'e' I am now off to finish painting a Nursery Toy Box and to start painting a Nursery 'Toile Cire'e' I shall try and take photos and keep you posted.:)

Have a lovely Day

L Antosa x

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