Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita/Golden Seed of Life!
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Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita/Golden Seed of Life!

Left:'Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita'
back of my D'oro Tempio di Primavera
(click on photos to enlarge)

Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'

Within simplicity
lies such complexity
within Complexity
lies such simplicity
Antosa 27th April 2015

My latest Art work I started in Spring 2014 & completed Spring 2015!
To date it is perhaps one of my more complex 21st Century 3D Biogeometric Artwork Design.

 I Created  on the back of 'D'oro Tempio di Primavera'  an ancient  symbol the 'Seed of Life' Illuminated in 24carat Gold leaf
'Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'
  Right:D'oro Tempio di Primavera
Below:back Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita'

The 'Seed of Life'
Ancients from all over the world … understood the underlying fabric of the universe, and included it in their artwork and symbolism.

The 'Seed of Life' can be found in ancient manuscripts, temples & churches, mosaics, sarcophagi, goblets & beakers, textiles, art & jewelry throughout all ancient cultures

The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt contains the oldest to date example.

Seed and flower of life Beijing, China and the Forbidden Temple where the Sun Gods reside … and the Fu Dogs guard the knowledge: under their paw …

Cup with mythological scenes and flower of life pattern in the bottom visible in Louvre's museum (Department of Oriental Antiquities), originally from Idalion, Cyprus, 800–700B

Seed of life mosaic
Mosaic floor ornament of late Hellenistic period at Roman agora, the archaeological site of Kourion in Cyprus. 75 - 50 BC.

Mosaic floor.House of Poet  Glaucus - Pompeii

Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'

Within simplicity
lies such complexity
within Complexity
lies such simplicity
Antosa 27th April 2015

Thank you and Please enjoy this music which in blissful moments I adore & love!
Antosa x


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Lawrence on 08 September 2017 08:59
The antosa's golden seed of life for the found in ancient manuscripts, temples & churches, mosaics etc. keep making with about egypt contains the oldest to date example the more topics with this antosadelarose site.
Reply to comment on 31 May 2018 10:33
This is a very educational place, all of the statues that are placed there has different stories, I feel like I am still taking my history class. Everything that are displayed there are ancient, and very entertaining. It's not just about entertainment, it's all about the things you will know behind every sculpture there. Your blog is very educational, you're like bringing your audience with you, while explaining everything and your experience of it. I am lucky that I found your website, I learned something new today!

alice on 25 May 2018 08:03
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test on 27 May 2018 08:04
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cv company on 03 September 2018 13:35
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loegmrntdherid1 on 01 December 2018 07:02
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