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Welcome to my home for a Wee Cup 'O' Kindness Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea
Take a Wee Walk on the Wild Side of Scotland!
The Auld Alliance Some things Never Die! & Notre Dam will Rise Like the Poenix
Breath of Life 'Trees' Pure 'Inspiration'
The Art of 'Nothingness'


"Je t'aime."
14th Century French Floor Coverings & Kirkcaldy?!
14th Century French Floor Coverings Toile Cire'e
2016 From little Acorns Grow!
A Blank Canvass
Antosa De La Rose Spring Time New Begginings
Aqua, La Mer of Life!
Aro'mata De La Rose Art of Life!
Art Exhibition
Best day of my life!
Born to Love & Be Loved!
Born to love & to be Free
C'est la vie
Deli-Isherwood 'Love Treats'
D'oro tempio di Primavera 2015!
Freedom Wild life Art work
From Scotland with Love! 2020
Heaven on Earth & 'Peace' of Golden Phi
Heaven on Earth!
Holy Grail Love n Romance
Il mio giardino d'estate d'oro (My Golden Summertime Garden)
Inspiration my Breath of Life Trees!
It is a Dog's Life!
'Let it Go Let it Be'
Life 'Art of Medicine'
Love Letter from the heart
Love Life!
Love Poetry from the Heart By Antosa x
My Silent Love Art Creations
New Creations, New Dreams, New Beginings& New Tomorrows
New Year 2017!
New York International Carpet Show, Antosa & The Pazyryk Rug
On the wings of a Butterfly!
Opera Life & La Traviata
Peace of Phi
'Primavera D'oro' Golden Springtime 2014
Scotland Take a Wee Walk on the Wild Side!
simple as a Daisy
Smile though your heart is breaking!
Summer time to beee!
Summertime Strawberries & Cream time!
The Art of Nothingness
The Auld Alliance Some things Never Die! & Notre Dam will Rise Like the Poenix
What is more precious than Gold?
Whisky Revival! 21st Century Designer Glasses
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My Blog

Welcome to my home for a Wee Cup 'O' Kindness Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea

Welcome to my Home
and please enjoy 
a Wee Cup 'O' Kindness 
Wild mountian Highland Heather Blossom Tea & Me 
My Product I am delighted to say
 came in the top 5 Best Product  Awards at its launch in January 2020 at the 
Glasgow SECC Scottish Speciality Food & Drink Trade Fair

My love thoughts to all who have sadley lost thier lives  & my total respect go to all who have been in the front line (two of my own sons are Surgeons in the NHS) however from supermarkets to banks to transport many others have also been dealing on a daily basis with us all 
And I wish to say Thank you 

And to show my appreciation I created a Cup 'O' Kindness Award (which I had not at the beginining of the year envisioned)  to give to those who I have personally seen  acts of Kindness and made them Honorary Members of Clan Macfroachan 
 as the Clans Crest  motto is Cup 'O' Kindness

Slainte Mhath

Antosa x

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Scotland From The House of Antosa De La Rose with Love! Antosa x 2020
Inspired by one of my dearest friends who in lockdown Springtime 2020Delivered to my home the most beautiful bunch of Rosesand my favourite Gin and Tonics:)That is Friendship Kindness, love compa...

Take a Wee Walk on the Wild Side of Scotland!

Take A Wee Walk on the Wild Side of Scotland!
Welcome to my home
The House of Antosa De La Rose and my Great Outdoors roofless conservatory
(well Mother Natures Great Outdoors) and what is wonderful beyond belief is that it is all Free!:)
With a roof of Azure Blue Sky
Sunlight by day, moonlight and stars by night
even the fresh Air we breath is free!:)

And Mother Natures Larder is abundant

The Great Outdoor Life takes my Breath away
then Inspires me Day By Day!:)

It was while hiking in the Heather clad Hills, mountains and glens of Scotland with my family that I was truly Inspired to re-create an ancient Pictish Celtic Beverage 

Highland Heather Revered and held sacred by the Ancient Druids (Celtic Priests)

History and legends abound 
one such legend is 
The Last Pictish King & Heather Ale:

Recently as the sun shone kindly upon us we  Hand Harvesting our Scottish Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom

And high above as we harvested gentle beauty graced us with amazing displays of butterfly's N  Bumble Bee
The Sunshine glistened sending golden rays upon us all.! 
Life is an Art and Art is appreciating life every  single  inspirational nano second of each precious moment!
Even the finger blisters from  Harvesting pale into insignificance when you love life and are just so passionate about what you are doing!:)

Blisters are but a Small price to pay for the absolute joy of  being at home in Mother Natures Larder and harvesting next to the most divine art work all free to view in Mothers Natures Great Outdoors

So please when you can do visit me in my home and Please know you are always welcome at the House of Antosa De La Rose

So go on
Take a Wee Walk on The Wild Side!
Or you can sample 
 A wee taste of Wild Wonderful Magical Scotland in every sip of 
Wild Mountain Hand Harvested Highland Heather Herbal Tea N Nectar of the God's

Slàinte Mhath
Antosa x

 Original Art work & Design by Antosa © 
Photography ©  J S Isherwood 

The Auld Alliance Some things Never Die! & Notre Dam will Rise Like the Poenix

The Auld Alliance  with France
Somethings Never Die
Notre Dam will Rise Like The Phoenix

Left: Art work Exhibited at Rosslyn Chapel Private Musical Opera in Dedication to Mary Queen of Scots
Like a Phoenix 

In Honor of the Auld Alliance with France and the tragic  Fire that made news today April 16th 2019 
Regarding: Notre Dame Cathedral I wish to Pledge the following Donation to the restoration fund of Notre Dame Cathedral through the Reproductions of  my Art Dedicated to Mary  Queen of Scots and  for a short time France 

An Alliance which according to Historians May never have ended !?

Rosslyn Chapel 2005
Apprentice Pillar

February 8th 2006 Romantic Renaissance Musical 'Marie Stuart' The  Opera in Dedication to Mary Queen of Scots

21st Century Illuminated Iconographic Art w 25.5 cm x L 33 cm 
 Enameled Crystal Glass embellished with 24 carat gold inspired  by German Renaissance Artist Chalice by Albrecht Dürer (1471 1528 )
21st Century design by Antosa © 
12 Limited Editions Chalices now in Private National & International Art Collections

Right:Mary Queen of Scots crystal hand enameled glass Embellished with 24 carat Gold © Antosa

Notre Dam Rose Window

Left:Close-up of a Rose Window in the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

The stained glass Rose Windows were built between 1250 and They still have the original glass.

Notre Dam  is considered a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture. 

The cathedral was built on a small island called the Île de la Cité, in the middle of the Seine.

 Construction began in 1163, during the reign of King Louis VII, and was completed in 1345.


Left: Detail from the 12th-century Aberdeen Bestiary, featuring a phoenix

In Greek Mythology a phoenix ( φοῖνιξ, phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Notre Dam will Rise Like the Poenix

Breath of Life 'Trees' Pure 'Inspiration'

Pure Inspiration
The breath of life
My Art is my life
The air I breathe
My Art
 is a living breathing colour vibrations
Of all that I am
I am at one with one
One with all for
We are
All one

Antosa 5th April 2015

Poster produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

Spiro: the root for both breath and spirit – to inspire – fill the body with breath, and the spirit with awareness.

The first and last thing you do in physical form is breathe.

We are to Treasure Trees as we would our life!
For they are our Life!
Purifying the air we breathe,
Trees are Pure Inspiration in every way!

I have been ‘Inspired’ by nature when family came to live nearby and so started my weekly hike into Mother Natures great out doors,  boldly going where I had not trod before and this fresh blast of pure ‘Inspiration’ (fresh Air in the big outdoors) has led to absolute Artistic Inspiration

My latest 21st Century Biogeometric Art work is on the theme of Sacred Trees Revered throughout the ages by all civilizations

So Next time you’re in a forest or see a tree why not give it a hug!
I do :)! and be 'Inspired'
L Antosa x


The Art of 'Nothingness'

The Art of Nothingness
Sinking into the glorious Arms of Nothingness

No Thought’s
No Worries
No Agenda
No Past
No Present
Only Now and
  the silent meditative moment of living in the Now

 Sink into the glorious Arms of Nothingness
It is Here in  the arms of nothingness lies  magic and mystery  the foundation of everything-ness

 We can all be our own Creators in the
Art of Nothingness

As we let go and sink into the glorious Arms of Nothingness one realises that there really is nothing to it.

Antosa x

Ps: Please enjoy! Part one of the film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds.

Love letters!


Lord Byron

 Empires have risen and fallen

And  All for Love

Lord Nelson’s last letter to Lady Hamilton  19th Oct 1805. Found on his desk in his cabin on H.M.S. Victory after his death at the Battle of Trafalgar.”

My Dearest beloved Emma the dear friend of my bosom the signal has been made that the Enemys combined fleet are coming out of Port. We have very little Wind so that I have no hopes of seeing them before tomorrow. May the God of Battles crown my Endeavours with success at all events I will take care that my name shall ever be most dear to you and Horatia both of whom I love as much as my own life, and as my last writing before the battle will be to you so I hope in God that I shall live to finish my letter after the [Battle].”

21st  Century

One must always remember the special people who have shaped our lives
and who we have loved!

This song I once sent to
 a very special Gentleman I was honoured to have known!

He was my very own Lord Byron of East Africa!
With his tantalizing blue eyes
That hypnotized one into the depth of his soul
Like an Ocean begging you to enter
once submerged
Synchronized to become
At one
One breath
One life
One love

Dedicated to my Lord Byron of East Africa!
Antosa x
Feb 14th 2017

The Art of LIfe Creating Beauty from a single thought

It’s a New Year!
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
I hope you too are feeling good!

One of the joys of life is we are in control of creating who we are, what we are, and what we wish to become

Nothing in life is set in stone

What you dream and believe in becomes ones reality

Every day we get a blank pure white canvass so that we can create our life

So each day, every hour of every minute in a Nano second we have the power to change our lives that can change the World forever how?

 With a single beautiful creative thought

All the beauty we see in life Architecture, buildings, art, clothes, music, movies, recipes, books, all started with a single thought that grew in the mind of that person till it evolved into and became a reality

 Life is just great!
 It is as great, as wonderful,  as good, as creative, as we wish it to be
 And it all starts with us in a single thought! :)

Here is to a New Year 2017!
Looking forward to  many wonderful creative thought moments becoming reality
Antosa  x

Its a Dogs life!

It’s a Dog’s life! 

I adore animals, all animals,they  absolutely fascinate me

Perhaps that is why I started to illustrate them for my children s books and my own 4 sons always had pet dogs ( Right: Illustration based on a true story illustrating 3 sons & one of our dog too! (Illustration from my published Children's book Below:The crocodile who went to sea )

I  have always lived in and around animals, since a little girl my pets, have included dogs, cats, goldfish, budgies, tropical fish and hamsters oh! and the homing pigeons. Not to forget the many adopted wild animals and sea creatures!:) Ah! Yes over the years I have had quite a menagerie  'Antosa's little  Ark'

At the moment I am looking  after a friends dog 'Ella' (Right : 'Ella in the woods Nov 14th 2016)

Dogs are such happy souls uncomplicated their joy is in walkies, food, approval and sleep. 

They love unconditionally just step out for 10 minutes and come back home and their utter joy to see you always  makes me laugh  as they leap around so happy wagging tails greeting you like a long lost friend that they have not seen for years!

Humans and dogs have had a special relationship for so long that it’s difficult to imagine a time when dogs weren’t living alongside us as pets, hunting companions, co-workers or family members.
(Left: Kenya Our home Kurwitu Beach Vipingo 3 of my sons with Quanza our beloved  Rhodesian Ridge-back who lived for 21 yrs and never visited a vet!)

So far the earliest known fossil evidence of dog domestication, we can look to an archaeological dig site in Israel dating back 12,000 years where a puppy had been buried with a human holding the puppy in his arms. “The finding of a puppy skeleton in such close association with man is of particular significance as an indication of a close relationship between man and dog

Genetic Studies
Recent genetic studies suggest that dog domestication began as early as 18,800-32,100 years ago in Europe.”

AD 168–190
Chinese Emperor Ling Ti falls so in love with his dogs that he gives them the rank of senior court officials. This allows them to eat the finest food available, sleep on oriental rugs and have special bodyguards. It's a dog's life :)?
(Picture from ancient Imperial Chinese Dog Book)

 where word came from?
c. AD 500–1500

Pets are not uncommon in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance but they are kept for the most part by wealthy households.

 Near the end of this period the word "pet" (from "petty" as in small) is introduced into English.
(Right :1604 Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614)  Portrait of Bianca Degli Utili Maselli with Six of Her Children Pet  Dog and Bird)

There is a very famous story that of Greyfriars Bobby  a Skye Terrier  who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh for reportedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself on 14 January 1872. I recall reading the book & watching the film as a little girl film & story comes highly recommended!:)

 So is it a Dogs life? 
Indeed it is!
What would life be without our beloved pets!
L Antosa x
(right: my 4 sons with one their dogs 'golden Retriever Mr G Nyali Mombasa Kenya)

Born to Love & Be Loved

Born to Love
Be Loved
Love is the Aura the Holy Grail, The Secret Akasha Breath of Life which emanates from all our Hearts
The Heart is the first organ to grow and beat within the womb
The vibration of Love is so pure that it can cure, heal & transcend all that is, was and ever shall be
We were all Born to Love
Be Loved

Antosa x
Forever the Romantic Lover of Dreams
( Right1:888 John William Warehouse oil on canvas)

 Ps. Many years ago still at school. I found this poem and Art by the pre raphalites which I absolutely loved  and adore even to this day!
Antosa x

From little acorns grow!

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”
 Geoffrey Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde, 1374.

Creativity  first stars with a seed  of thought which can lay dormant or with the right conditions germinate and grow.

(Left: Oak tree seedling)

There has been a dormant Artistic seed which has lain in my heart.

And over the years I have let it bloom occasionally for family & friends only and written about my Love Treats and Edible Art in my blogs

As always I retreat focusing on a singular point when creating 
Then out of of the darkness always comes forth the spark of light which ignites the seed within to create
(left: 24 carat gold leaf seed of life Art (c) Antosa 2014)

2016 Deli-ishers Cuisine

Le Petit Gourmet D’or Edible works of Art

(right: Deli-isher's Cuisine 2016)

From spring, summer of 2016
what organically evolved was
my pièce de résistance
my Edible Works of Art from the Heart

You can read all about it as you view my Renaissance into the Culinary Artistic world of Deli-ishers Cuisine

I do so hope you forgive my spring summer 2016 silence
but in silence all nature grows and blooms including Antosa ! :)

"See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls."Saint Mother Teresa

Please enjoy my latest Art creation
My Edible Works of Art from the Heart
Antosa x

Ps Enjoy! Acorn becomes oak tree in timelapse video

The Art of LIfe Born to love & Born to be Free!

Rumi Rumi (1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist Islamic Scholar, theologian, and Sufi Mystic
(Above: Peace of PHI Dove (c) Antosa 2014)

Life is an 'Art' and we can all become Masters in the Art of life creators of our own destiny.

Following ones heart in love &  life is to  excersise ones 'Freedom' to be
just simply be
create our hearts desire.
(Right: Pic Antosa)

To love what you do in life is to be set  Free


In True Love  we attain Freedom

We were all  born to' Love & Be loved'

All Born to be Free!

(Above: Artwork 1997 Kenya (C) Antosa)

Have a wonderful Summer, Autumn & Winter  2016!
full of  Love &
be Free!
Antosa x

What could be more Precious than Gold?

Gold (79Au)

Gold’s symbol is “Au,” which is derived from the Latin word aurum, meaning “Glowing Dawn.”
(Above right: Ancient  Symbol of the Sun
&  alchemical symbol for gold
Left:  Peace of Phi Bio-geometric Art by Antosa 2014)

Click on Photos to enlarge
I adore Gold and love even more creating with Gold.
  Gold (has become my Signature Ingredient that is woven throughout  all of my Designs, Art work, Health, Beauty  & Culinary Creations (edible 23 & 24 Carat Gold)
(Above left: 24 carat Gold facial Right : nugget of pure Gold)

Gold has been one of the most cherished substances for as far back as historians can document civilizations.
The oldest golden treasure in the world, dating from 4,600 BCE to 4,200 BCE, was discovered in Bulgaria
(Above left & right :Some of the numerous gold artifacts which are part of the Varna Gold Treasure, the world's oldest processed gold)

Creating Gold

Gold is rare on Earth, in part, because it's also rare in the universe. Please view the following link

So what could be more precious than Gold?

I Believe
To Love
To be loved 'Unconditionally'
from a Heart of Gold

I believe
we all have pots of pure  Golden Love  that lie deep  within our hearts.
  It is an inexhaustable never ending treasure
I also believe
More Gold can be mined from the hearts of men and women
Than can ever be taken from the Earth Antosa x 2016

(Left:Antosa De La Rose hand painted Rose glass© containing Antosa's secret!'79AU Cocktail! embelished with edible 24 carat Gold!)

Antosa:) x

The Art of Life 'Just Let Go' 'Let it be'

Art of Life
‘Letting go
Letting it be’

I am a Romantic dreamer who dreams  of perfection where everyone is in complete  harmony, in mind, heart, body & spirit where everyone is genuinely singing from the same hymn sheet, at one with all and all with one in beautiful thoughts, deeds, in truth with acts of mercy. peace, joy love & harmony

The Truth is
 Not everyone shares this dream
What to do?
The answer is?

Just let Go!

Of everything!


Into bliss
To Be!

Music 'Let it Be'

All is well!:)

Antosa :)x

'Heaven on Earth'

The Art of Life
the choices we make

Creating 'Heaven on Earth'

In ancient times animals were so revered that they were worshiped and in some parts of the Earth today this sacred reverence to animals continues.

As in ancient times there are just so many people who love animals and have them in their own homes as part of their family as pets.
The vast majority of these pets are just so much loved; Antosa simply adores all creatures great and small! :) And they have been my artistic inspiration for my 4 fully published children’s books:

Recently I was heart broken when my own beautiful little Persian cat  Pushkins passed away in my arms after only 5days of illness it was going on 17yrs old it had never visited a vet in its life and yes I created a little Heaven on Earth for my beloved little Pushkins.
(Above & right :Pushkins)
We can all create Heaven on Earth when we just simply love unconditionally.

A dear friend’s pet dog has cancer and this wonderful Lady is doing absolutely everything for her beloved ‘Fudge’.

After  visiting my friend I was so genuinely touched in my heart that next day in an ‘Inspirational  moment’ I took time and created my first ‘5 Paws Holistic Health Care’ created in Love by Antosa and delivered the package the next day to my friend and her beloved dog 'Fudge'.
(Above & Right Below '5 Paws Holistic Health care Package just for Fudge & Friend created in Love by Antosa)

In life we all can create moments of ‘Heaven on Earth’ for ourselves and others.

The Art of life
Choices we make
Creating Heaven on Earth!

We are all Grand masters of our own destiny, who we are, what we want to become it is all our choice, it lies in our own two hands, we can create daily minute by minute within ourselves our own ‘Heaven on Earth’ and leave our mark a bespoke signature on everything we touch that of unconditonal love.

Have a wonderful  Creative 'Heaven on Earth April!:)
L Antosa x


'Ancient Art of Medicine' Gods & Goddesses of Health & Beauty

Antosa's  love of  Art and the 'Art of Medicine' is portrayed so beautifully throughout Ancient times and is  epitomised in Ancient Greek Religion, Mythology & Art.

As  a former London  Harley Street Consultant in Holistic Health & Beauty, & with two immediate members of my own family practicing medicine (one as a surgeon) one must always recall to heart the ancient writings of
( Right: Engraving of Hippocrates by Peter Paul Ruben 1638) 

Hippocratic Oath 'Quote':

"I will remember that there is 'Art to Medicine' as well as 'Science', and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure"

Asclepius  & his daughters
The Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses of Health & Beauty

 Asclepius was a god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology.
(left Asclepius)Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts;

(right:) Hygieia: was the goddess/personification of health cleanliness and hygiene
While her fatherAsclepius was more directly associated with healing, she was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health.

(left: The bowl of Hygieia) has been used as a symbol of the pharmacy professional at least as far back as 1796, when it was used on a coin minted for the Parisian Society of Pharmacy.

Panacea  was a goddess of Universal remedy.
Panacea was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea in medicine a substance meant to cure all diseases.
(Right : Panacea (center) administering medicine to a baby (Picture of the Veronese physician J. Gazola as part of a larger woodcut, 1716)

Iaso was the goddess of recuperation from illness.

(Left :)The Cadmus Painter - Attic red figure urn
Cropped image of Iaso from a Greek urn
Detail of Iaso, the goddess of healing, from a scene depicting a group of goddesses. Iaso gazes at herself in a mirror, presumably as a sign of good health.

Aglaea,the goddess/personification of the glow of good health

Aceso:goddess of the healing process

I loved the words of this song (words below)which I have dedicated to all within the 21st Century medical profession including carers and anyone who cares for any living creature great or small  & a salute to the Ancient Gods & Goddesses of Health & Beauty!'
The Seikilos epitaph'  is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, including musical notation, from anywhere in the world.

"While you live, shine
Don't suffer anything at all;
Life exists only a short while
And time demands its toll."

Enjoy the music and have a wonderful creative day!
L Antosa x

'Thoughts of the Heart' Love Poems By Antosa

From the Heart collection of Love Poetry By Antosa©

From my private collection of Romantic Renaissance Love Poetry
please listen to the  music as you read for my Poetry is
dedicated and written  to he who is
Simply Divine  with all my Love from the heart x Antosa x

I would gladly make you my world
I would make you my world and you would become my all
My being
 My universe
I would bask my soul in the tears and ecstasy of your dreams
I would wash my spirit in the light of your being
You are all that was
And ever shall be
For you are
I am

L Antosa x Scotland

Destiny is for me
I thus accept this
My Destiny
And I shall love you just as you are
L Antosa x Scotland

Love sets
 Ones dreams
Into a casting of pure 2carat Gold
A Love ring
 Glowing sparkling
 A universal diamond
Encompassing the
Ambrosial nectar of ones spirit & beauty
Dreams come true
Treasure our love it is
and always shall be forever
  L x Antosa Scotland

Aro'mata De La Rose 'Art of Life & Love'

Aro'mata De La Rose
Art of Life!
Love of Life!

I hope you had  a wonderful Valantine day!

Antosa simply loves life and to create it is as the air I breath I simply cannot exist without creating and as  ideas flow within me they eventually become a reality and so it was with my creating

Aro’mata De La Rose which is my 'Art of life'& Love of Life philosophy &  practice,  created when I was  a  London Harley Street Specialist Consultant in Holistic Health & Beauty
With my deep love of Art  & History  over the years  I researched into the Art of Ancient Health & Beauty, care & holistic Treatments.

As a  highly qualified Holistic Health & Beauty Consultant I then began to intuitively create organically my own signature Holistic Health & Beauty Therapy Treatment which I now  call 'Aromasere-ology.
'Aromasere-ology' is a unique synergy of three of the most ancient forms of Health & Beauty Treatments into one some of my clients remarked  it was an absolute utlimate in holistic Health & Beauty  treatment therapies
Understanding my  historical Research on Health and Beauty through the ages  from ancient Egypt, India, Africa, Greece & Rome I then began to evolve a  specialized treatment oil & product to compliment my exclusive signature Treatment & Spa Treatments and  created the ultimate Alchemy Antosa's Aro'mata De La Rose 21 Century 24carat Gold infused ☉ ‘Skin Cuisine’
 In a tomb in ancient Egypt Oil was found and when opened it was good enough to eat!
My studies concluded to only use  Ingredients that are  100% Natural oils, essences of nature, for they have been used tried and tested for centuries.

  After studying  the theraputic ancient use of 24carat gold  my conclusion was to  infuse 24carat gold ☉ into my 21st Century ‘Skin Cuisine’  which really is good enough to eat!

Antosa hopes you had  a wonderful valentine day!:)
Antosa believes that every day should be a Valantine Day!  x

Bellow :Antosa’s Aro’mata De La Rose oils Alchemy created from ancient Grecian, Roman, Middle Eastern, Indian Chinease  & Egyptian recipes.
Aro’mata De La Rose oils & essences of nature infused with 24carat Gold ☉.

Acqua, La Mer's of life!

Antosa is fascinated and loves Water,
Acqua, La Mer
whatever the language we speak
water is what it is and our life depends upon it.

 Without this amazing gift, that is free and falls from heaven and bubbles up from the depths, the soul of the earth, without this liquid we would simply not exist

Our home Earth is one beautiful Acqua ball, from space it is a sapphire jewel unlike any other planet in our solar system

Our bodies are unique living water beings we are 'Acqua, La Mer’s of life'

The magic of water is absolutely phenomenal it is no wonder that people throughout the centuries have revered and held sacred this amazing fluid which Antosa views as pure loving Divine nectar.

Water can change structure into magically fascinating creative filigree of such exquisite beauty, that falls from heaven as snowflakes, Heavens Fabergé jewels!

Experiments have shown that the vibration, electromagnetic waves of pure love that emanates from the heart, can change the structure of water to create incomparable Fabergé jewel like structures in each Acqua La Mer water droplet. (Please view link below)
(Right:The Tsarevich Egg 1912)
 As an Artist and creator Antosa finds this almost incomprehensible however Antosa like everyone on the planet is an Acqua, La Mer of life!.

So in essence this principles means, that True Beauty emanates from within ours & others loving thoughts from the cup of love within our heart, which  creates unique Acqua La Mer beings of life,  incomparable Love & Beauty.(left:1484 Botticelli Birth of Venus from the sea)

Love Water & Acqua, La Mer will love you right back!
Raise your glass in a  toast to
 Love, Joy, Peace & Beauty  for we are all
 Acqua, La Mer's of Life!
L Antosa x

Simple as a daisy & Perfect as a Pearl

Simple as a Daisy
Perfect as a Pearl

Today someone very  dear to my heart  sent me a beautiful memory of a glorious summer day July 5th just a few years ago, it was a  picture as I sat  overlooking the sea after hand picking daisies and making them into a daisy chain which I then hung around my neck.

That one picture evoked such a wonderful feeling of well- being, reminding my heart of one  not so  long ago bygone day and lazy day of a sun kissed Summer full of bliss & love.
(left:Antosa with daisy chain Right: Antosa 2yrs old )

Daisies are perhaps one of my favourite little flowers even as a little girl I loved to make daisy chains! Antosa has never really grown up!:)x

Throughout the centuries the wild daisies have in their own simple pure way established themselves into the hearts of many including myself which I include into my Art Creations
(Left: Hand Painted Daisy Floor Canvas by Antosa)

Meaning of Daisies

  • Innocence, especially with white daisies with yellow or pale centers.
  • Purity – also shown by daisies that are as white as possible.
  • New beginnings, which is why they are often found in bouquets for new mothers or as gifts for children.
  • True love – because each daisy flower is really two flowers blended together in harmony.
  • That the sender can keep a secret. Keeping a secret is one way a person can exhibit that they truly love another.
Antosa's life that wonderful day was

As simple as a Daisy
Perfect as a Pearl! 
L Antosa x

Love Life!

Love life
Life will love you back
Love is never Lost!

A loving smile, kind words, good deeds, generosity of the heart along with loving kindness and Mercy .

(left:  8yr old Ian at the Animal Orphanage in Nairobi with orphaned cheetah)

To make another living being feel truly wanted, treasured, special and most of all loved what better Gift could one give or wish for.

(below: Antosa overlooking Paris  on the steps of Sacré-Cœur Basilica)

Living in the present is our Gift from the Divine and as we treasure, appreciate and are grateful for our gift of life,
we can in turn share our gift of love in life
in doing so making ourselves and others happy

love life
life will love you back
Love is never Lost!

Seek to understand the universe


You shall understand nothing at all

But seek to understand yourself


The universe shall unfold before you
Here is to a wonderful 2016!

L Antosa x
 Ps.for in the end we all reap what we sow!


The Holy Grail Pure Love & Romance

Antosa believes that Love never Fails for I am a true, blue, pure, Romantic!

And what could be more Romantic than the legend of the Holy Grail one of the most enduring Romantic tales in Western European Literature & Art.

The search for this magical vessel became the principal quest of the knights of King Arthur, and continues to capture the imagination even now  in the 21st Century

Left: "The Damsel of the Holy Grail" by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ca. 1874

Bellow: Sir Galahad - the Quest of the Holy Grail (1870) by Arthur Hughes (1832-1915) oil on canvas Romanticism Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Walker Art Gallery

Writings of the Holy Grail first appear in a written text in Chrétien de Troyes's Old French verse romance, the Conte del Graal ('Story of the Grail'), or Perceval, of c.1180.

With the passing of the Middle Ages, the Grail disappears for centuries until the 19th century when medieval history and legend awoke the interest of writers such as Scott and Tennyson, of the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and of composers, notably Richard Wagner

Now we live in the 21st Century Love and Romance is very much alive and the quest for the illusive magical Holy Grail continues.
Antosa believes that there is a Holy Grail
that lies within us all
a unique cup,  chalice that holds Eternity and Everlasting Divine Beauty. 
A Golden Chalice, A Heart of Gold, that flows with perfect emotions & Acts of Pure Unconditional Love that emanates from deep from within our Heart and Soul, an ocean of Unconditional Love vibrating within our most  Holy of Holy Hearts.

Antosa wishes everyone from the bottom of her heart to have a wonderful 2015 Festive season
And raises a heartfelt chalice of Love, Peace, Joy & Happiness to one and all  as we welcome in the New Year 2016!
  Love Antosa x
Above & Below: Quest for the Holy Grail Tapestries – Panel 6 – The Attainment; The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sr Galagad Sir Bors & Sr Percival
By Sir Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, John Henry Dearle 1895-1896

"I carry your heart with me" By E E Cummings

I Like For You To Be Still” by Pablo Nuruda

Für Elise (Piano version) by  Ludwig van Beethoven

"C'est la vie

In life things don’t always turn out how we think sometimes it is better and sometimes well it is just life "C'est la vie (below 1st book in series)
Chronicled Adventures
of 4 Boys in Africa
Vol No 1
The Arabuko Sokoke Forest & The Mysterious lost City of  Gedi'
By Antosa Isherwood©
No matter which way the wind may blow it is the spirit that lies within that is what is really important for if you are within, happy, at peace, full of love and joy hey! then C'est la vie no matter what storms brew externally within you are complete.
(click on photo to enlarge)
One only needs to close ones eyes and another world can open up, what we think in our heart so we are and we become.

Antosa creates from the heart, seeing first within then it becomes a  reality.
C'est la vie
for the past 3+ or more months Antosa has been lost, away on a creative high far oh so far away

As a published children’s author/illustrator in summer of 2015 I started writing a screen play based on a new series of children’s books.
So Antosa has been on this trip away far away in my imagination and it has been a great summer and one vacation I am not giving up as I now complete the series.

Inspired by my own life in Kenya

C'est la vie ‘you can never tell which way the creative ‘wind spirit air will blow’
For that’s life!
for Antosa it has blown to creating the Chronicled Adventures  of ‘4 Boys in Africa Vol 1 and will end with Volume 6!

It is now time to seek an agent so that I can get on with just creating.

C'est la vie’

Envoyer l'amour juste pour vous
Antosa x
I love the energy of this take on the classic C'est la vie’ by Chuck Berry sung by Bruce Springsteen enjoy! :)

Golden Silence/ Autumn Apple Treats

I took some time off this morning as my young sister gave me a basket of foraged wild apples that she collected.

 I simply could not let these little autumn treasures go to waste.

As I write I have on the go preserves and special ‘Autumn Apple ‘treats

Which I will give to family and friends as I have been in ‘artistic re-treat  over the past few months.

To one and all please have a wonderful ‘autumn’ there is something special about each season and the colours of autumn are just spectacular.

Take care one is only ever a whisper thought away!


Feedom 'Roar of the Wild'

Freedom is not a luxury
Freedom is the born right of every living Being Antosa 2015

July 2015

Cecil the African black maned lion who was brutally slaughtered broke my heart Cecil’s gruesome death must not be in vain. Living almost half my life in Africa, and loving the wildlife in their natural habitat having such freedom to roam freedom to be I am of the opinion that 'Freedom is not a luxury Freedom is the born right of every living thing'
If you ever get the chance to go on an African Safari then please do so you will not regret

Antosa has come to understand that there is good in the worst of human beings and there is bad in the best of human beings  Human Beings have  a choice Good or Bad but whatever the individual chooses has consequences

One Act of pure Kindness
 In Kenya between 1996 & 1998 I sketched a young African Black Maned lion in Kenya. It had been found by a Kenyan game ranger severely mauled after a lion fight and on the brink of death.

Over the preceding months ‘Kwanza ‘(No 1 in Swahili as I called him) was looked after by the Kenyan ranger & nursed back to health this one act of pure Kindness gave ‘Kwanza’ a second chance of life in the wild and the right be to be Free for we are all born Free

In dedication to Cecil part of the proceeds from the prints of ‘Kwanza’ my African Black Maned Lion Sketches will support a wild life charity for the relocation of Lions giving them a second chance of Survival. To purchase a print and support the relocation of Lions in Africa please visit my wildlife page please note

Certificate of Authenticity
Each Unique Print © has a signed  Certificate of Authenticity and is certifired through a hologram carrying the unique number
Thank you
L Antosa x
Coming soon : Art Galleries/Art Outlets who stock Antosa’s Exclusive Black-Maned Lion Prints

Summer Bee time & Time to be !

I took these photos(right & below) on Thursday 25th of June 2015 at the entrance garden of an exquisitely beautiful Carmelite Monastery here in Dysart Fife Scotland.
(click on photos to enlarge)
For millions of years these amazing creatures (bees) have been on this magnificent planet going about their busy bee work even amid all the 'other' goings ons in this world please remember that
Summer is Bee time!

Summer is time to be
Simply be
Take time out to be ee
at one with all and remember to smell the flowers! :)
L Antosa x
Ps below is one of my favourite Romantic Poets and poems by W.B. Yeats 
also enjoy also the exquisite gentle piano music of Ludovico Einaudi x

Right : The Isle of Innisfree,  County Sligo Ireland

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee,

And live alone in the bee loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;
There midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet's wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart's core.
                     – W.B. Yeats born June 13th 1865

Left :Scientists have identified the oldest known bee, a 100 million-year-old specimen preserved in amber.For more information please view the links below.

The Art of living! Best day of my life!

This is going to be the best day of my life!

Antosa has been busy Re-Creating my Exclusive Organic top to toe 'Beauty Elixir Oils'

As an Art Historian some years ago  I researched into the Ancient 'Art of Beauty' and with my 'Holistic'Beauty background created some Exclusive Beauty treatments 'Elixir Oils' which I have used personally for some years
For Antosa
Living life is an Art
and I just adore Art & life!

Every second of every moment
I love & embrace it all
 I simply
 Love to live
 Live to Love

Today is the Summer Solstice
L Antosa x

(below and right Antosa's  Art of living my new summer hairstyle 'French Twist/roll pic taken few days ago)

"Je t'aime." I Love You'

"Je t'aime."

‘I love you’

Life is so simple
When we just love

There are some wonderful people in my life who on a daily basis I may not see them but every day I think of them and send them a ‘Loving Hug’ in my mind and say
‘I Love you!’

For Antosa
Love is what makes the world go round

Love is the essence of all that I am for I believe we  are all capable of amazing greatness in life
If we just ‘Love’

Have a wonderful week-end
Antosa x

Scotland Land of Legend, Love and Lore Greetings!

Scotland on the night of May 8 2015 made Political History  a  new Era begins

(click on photos to enlarge)

Scotland land of my birth full of Legends, Love & Lore for being the romantic soul that I am I see Scotland through Artistic eyes

 Woven into the tapestry of Scotland  are Ancient historic Castles, Cathedrals, crofts, bothies, fishermen’s cottages for  Scotland radiates a special spirit that seeps through into ones soul.

Land of pilgrims, Poets, authors, artists, but none as great as ‘Our Ain Folk’

(left East Fife Male Voice choir June 8th  2004 Rosslyn Chapel Romantic Muical Evening)

And no one loved Scotland more than my late Father James Hamilton Snr he was in his own words

Born & Bred in Scotland and I love this country through and through!

Being a Hamilton whose family motto is ‘Through’ My Father truly lived up to the  'House of Hamilton' family motto ‘Through and through!

 On his regular visits to  Kenya Dad would always sing songs and some of  his favourite sentimental  Scottish songs were ‘Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee’ & ‘My Ain Folk’  so it is little wonder that even after living over half of my life in Africa this deep rooted love of Scotland never left me.

(Left:Lion Survival Series Sketch by Antosa © Kenya 1996)

 I would often in Kenya visit the‘ Highlands’ where on the shores of Lake Naivasha I would spend time painting writing & penning poetry both countries Scotland and Kenya so far apart but both  with the same rugged heart with deep rooted soul that resonates within one’s own spirit and soul uniting  in a knowing oneness of all.


Greetings & Love
From Antosa's  Scotland  Land of Legends, Love & Lore
Antosa x

Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita/Golden Seed of Life!

Left:'Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita'
back of my D'oro Tempio di Primavera
(click on photos to enlarge)

Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'

Within simplicity
lies such complexity
within Complexity
lies such simplicity
Antosa 27th April 2015

My latest Art work I started in Spring 2014 & completed Spring 2015!
To date it is perhaps one of my more complex 21st Century 3D Biogeometric Artwork Design.

 I Created  on the back of 'D'oro Tempio di Primavera'  an ancient  symbol the 'Seed of Life' Illuminated in 24carat Gold leaf
'Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'
  Right:D'oro Tempio di Primavera
Below:back Antosa's Seme d'oro Della vita'

The 'Seed of Life'
Ancients from all over the world … understood the underlying fabric of the universe, and included it in their artwork and symbolism.

The 'Seed of Life' can be found in ancient manuscripts, temples & churches, mosaics, sarcophagi, goblets & beakers, textiles, art & jewelry throughout all ancient cultures

The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt contains the oldest to date example.

Seed and flower of life Beijing, China and the Forbidden Temple where the Sun Gods reside … and the Fu Dogs guard the knowledge: under their paw …

Cup with mythological scenes and flower of life pattern in the bottom visible in Louvre's museum (Department of Oriental Antiquities), originally from Idalion, Cyprus, 800–700B

Seed of life mosaic
Mosaic floor ornament of late Hellenistic period at Roman agora, the archaeological site of Kourion in Cyprus. 75 - 50 BC.

Mosaic floor.House of Poet  Glaucus - Pompeii

Antosa's 'Seme d'oro Della Vitta'

Within simplicity
lies such complexity
within Complexity
lies such simplicity
Antosa 27th April 2015

Thank you and Please enjoy this music which in blissful moments I adore & love!
Antosa x


Life is A ' Tango'!

Life is A 'Tango'!

We create what we want life to be
for Antosa I choose  Life to Be A 'Tango'!

As Al Pacino said in a scene from 'Scent of a Woman'

"No mistakes in the Tango Donna not like life


Thats what makes the Tango So Great
If you make a mistake and get all Tangled up you just
Tango On"

 Antosa loves life

Welcome to my wonderful  world of
L Antosa x

My D'oro tempio di Primavera 2015!

Spring is in the air! It has arrived! :)  And it is such a joyous time as the earth starts to come alive bursting forth with New Beginnings Mother Nature blossoms as new life emerges.
(click on photos to enlarge)
There is nothing better than to sit outside in the arms of Nature as the spring sunshine envelopes you and listen in silence to the heart beat of life.
I truly do love life and I simply appreciate and adore  this time of the year.
And as promised I have produced my latest

Biogeometric φ Art work Illuminated with '24 carat Gold 
Above and right: D'oro Tempio di Primavera
Format: Original
Medium: Mixed Acrylics, Oil ancient pigments& 24 carat Gold
Style:Tired Biogeometric φ Art 
Colour: Gold
Image Size: 90 Cm x 90 Cm
My 3 dimensional Springtime 2015
'D'oro Tempio di Primavera' (Golden Temple to Springtime) organically evolved from My Springtime 2014 hand painted floor canvass’ Primavera D'oro'
Personally 2014 was cataclysmic and as I dwelt in the eye of that vicious, unrelenting, chaotic Typhoon of life within the eye of the storm I found solace where there was utter calm, peace and I dwelt in another world where I created beauty.

Truly from Spring time 2014 into the present 2015 the more my world has fallen around me some aspects disappearing forever the more my inner Artistic spirit has risen above to such artistic creativity that even I did not envision.
Out of all my deep personal sadness and Chaos has come forth strength, freedom, Clarity, vision a resilience against all the trials of life that has produced my pure artistic creations.
Welcome to my world of Artistic inner beauty!
To all who have gone through turmoil in in their lives I dedicate this

‘To the land beyond where thoughts do dwell
And in thy heart deep sorrow lies in a darkened cell

Yet so still alone waiting watching
Till dawns a
New day
New dreams
New tomorrows!

Please Enjoy with me  a musical trip to Paris in Spring :) there are two versions of the music I like !

Hope you do too!:) 
Love Antosa x


Spring is in the Air! 2015!

Spring is in the air!
(click on photos to enlarge)
I adore Spring time for over the long winter months in Silence Mother Nature has been busy beneath the ground we walk upon and just at the right moment like an amazing yearly show Mother nature starts  the Spring orchestra of pure fresh  new life ah yes Spring time is a very special time.

Antosa over the winter has been busy working too! On a Spring Creation which I should complete on March 21st  to Herald in

Spring time 2015!

Please forgive my absence over the last few months but Antosa has been working very hard

I shall give you all a preview of my long Winters work on the 1st day of Spring time!

Till then please join with me and enjoy  Vivaldi ‘s 4 seasons
L Antosa x

PS. All sketches displayed are from my Diary of Art & Poetry yr 2000 

Motto for 2015! Keep on Smiling!

wishing one and all in  2015!
 Keep on Smiling!
Here is to a special 2015!
L Antosa x

Finding 'Peace' Of 'Phi'! in a Hurricane of life!

view in detail  on 'Biogeometric Art Design page
(click on photos to enlarge)
Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
“In the beginning was a thought that created ‘Phi’ this is just a ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’” φAntosa 2014  
  'Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
It is said that out of Darkness has comes forth light and love.

2014 has been one of my darkest personal years, several of my dear and close friends have passed away
through illness bravely born, tragedy,  broken hearts and even my own dear father sadly passed away aged 87. 

Throw Into all of this mixture a bucket full of greed, treachery, hatred, jealousy, lies, deceit my Oh my! What a ghastly concoction!

But the wonderful thing about life is that we have all choices My choice was forgiveness, peace, love & joy For Love changes everything

One only needs to look at nature to see that even from the depths of dark muddiness beauty can emerge like the Lotus flower revered by many religions and throughout civilizations even till today 

 Spring time May of 2014 I chose to retreat (my voice literally left me & I could not speak and start creating my Hand Painted Floor Canvases and what emerged was The Renaissance of ‘Antosa De La Rose’

All through summer time the storms of life were relentless pounding month by month & the more the Hurricane gained momentum the more I created and retreated into my Silent World of Art.

By August 2014 I was in the eye of the storm when one of my very  dearest companions and friends from Kenya lost his fight against his illness.

Artistically I submerged myself again into my world of Biogeometric Art Creations and what emerged was completed only a few weeks ago
 A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
and to encapsulate it all with a few ‘Phi’ strokes created on the back of the picture  My ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’ soaring to heaven in ‘Peace’ Biogoemetric Art Design
I have started working on more creations even tthough the hurricans & Storms  left a trail of devastation all around me
Not within me and in the end that is what counts
for I know that Love never fails!

La Vi En Rose
Antosa x    

The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ a simple symbol of one pure emerging soaring thought of ‘Peace’ ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
‘The more I see
The less I say
The less I say
The more I see
I thus fall into
A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’φ
And soar as
The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ
In ‘Peace’ Antosa 2014
welcome to my world!

Heaven on Earth My Golden Summer Phi

Heaven on Earth
My Golden Summer Phi!
by Antosa©™

My latest Summer Time 2014 'Silent Love Art Creation' is inspired  from my love of ancient Art techniques, the study of  mathematics and  geometry in Art forms and Architecture
(click on photos to enlarge)
In particular the mathematical Golden Ratio has been observed  & used by many of the Highly sophisticated  cultures in Art through the Ages transending countries, continents & civilizations from the Middle & Far East to South America,  Africa, Egypt, Rome, Greece

(Left Ammonite dated 64million yrs oldfound on Coastal Sahara Desert in Morocco Right Spiral Milky Way)
From Primodial times this  Golden ratio is encompassed within the history and construction  of our amazing Cosmos both in our  Macro and Micro Universe.
 My Heaven on Earth & Golden Summer Phi thus evolved in my imagination and thus created and became reality  Heaven & Earth Sky & Ocean

I have used shades of blue that have great meaning to all Civilizations.  Interwoven into my Summer 2014 Art Work is the magnificent and  revered natural pigments the first recorded treasured blue pigments Azurit, Lapis Lazuli, Mayan Blue, Indigo  & Egyptian Blue embelished with 24carat Gold Leaf.
(click on photos to enlarge)

“I perceive blue as a movement of detachment from man, from the human, a movement that draws us toward the centre of this colour but also towards the infinite, awakening in us a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Blue is the color of Peace, Trust & Tranquility
Blue is the deepest colour, going into infinity.
Blue is also the coldest and purest colour, apart from white.
Blue induces Calm and Peace within us, particularly the deeper shades.
Different shades of blue have different meanings. 
Blue is the colour of the deep blue silence of the sky, of space and of the oceans which are above and below our daily existence. They stretch up and down into infinity, and therefore their blue colour will always represent the mystery of the deep unknown.
To the ancient Egyptians, blue was the colour of truth and death, with the blue sky the Profile threshold that separates man from the heavens.
left :a decorated cobalt glass vessel from Ancient Egypt (1450–1350 BC)

Right:King Tut mask has a highly elaborate & decorated with feldspar, quartz, lapis lazuli and colored glass

For Buddhists, blue is the coolness of the heavens above and the waters below.
For Tibetan Buddhists, blue is the colour of vairocana (transcendent wisdom) and also of potentiality and emptiness. The “Blue Buddha” (also known as the “Buddha of Medicine or Healing”) is a deep blue, the color of lapis lazuli.
Buddhist rosaries are sometimes made entirely of turquoise, as a symbol long life.
Blue is a color of the goddess Tara (left). The gemstone lapis lazuli (right pendant lapis Lazuli pendant from Mesopotania (Circa 2900 BC).has been greatly prized in Buddhist cultures and, until recently, its decorative value was higher than that of diamond. Lapis lazuli symbolizes that which is pure or rare in Buddhist art. It is said to have a curative or strengthening effect on those who wear it and it was a sacred stone in Tibetan Buddhist cultures. The Tibetans valued it above all precious minerals, even more than gold, representing the image of the azure sky and the hair of their goddess. Both men and women wore it on their heads.

Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people who lived within the territory that was inhabited by or ruled by culturally Islamic population and this ancient art is geometrically exquisite
Islam Typical turquoise tiling becomes popular in 10th-11th century and is used mostly for Kufic inscriptions on mosque walls.

In Hinduism, dark blue is the color of Vishnu, one of the greatest gods. As the color of the sky, blue symbolizes his cosmic dimensions, Blue is also the colour of Lord Krishna (one of Vishnu’s incarnations) and symbolizes his universality and the vastness of sky and sea
Left :Bhagavan Vishnu
  As the color of Krishna, blue is symbolic of heavens, love, truth, and mysterious beauty.

For Christians, blue is the symbol of heaven and the Madonna (as “Queen of Heaven”), going back to Renaissance painting. Sapphire is a symbol of calmness and hope (Pope Innocent III). In the middle ages, blue also became the colour of European royalty.

 Left In the Virgin of the Meadow (1506), Raphael used white to soften the ultramarine blue of Virgin Mary's robes to balance the red and blue, and to harmonize with the rest of the picture

In China, blue signifies the water and the skies, and the link with the colour of the heavens means that blue is associated with immortality

In Africa blue is used by many tribes in their colourful jewelery
In India, blue symbolizes the sky and the ocean. A deep and brilliant hue (e.g., lapis lazuli) is used in the context of love. Darker shades of blue represent a deeper the mystery of truth. The Indian name of this colour is “shyam” (moon-like).

For the Japanese, Indigo blue mirrors the color of the vast ocean surrounding the Japanese islands.

The Ishtar Gate (Arabic بوابة عشتار‎) was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in about 575 BC by order of King Nebucadnezzar 11

Whatever your opinion of the colour Blue or of mathematical geometry that is intrinsically intertwined within our DNA

May we all embrace the Universal Blue energy of Peace, Love & Joy into our lives?
And Dance to the Love of Life!
L Antosa x

Ps. Heaven on Earth has taken from 21 of June till 23 of September to complete Thus encompassing the essence of Summer time a taste of Heaven on Earth  my Golden Summer Phi!

My Initials upon this ‘Silent Love’ creation (AI) I copied from
Luca Pacioli's 1509 alphabet of "divine proportion."
Luca Pacioli (1445-1514 or 1517) was an Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar who lived during the Renaissance. While he was the chairman of mathematics in Milan, he collaborated with and taught mathematics to Leonardo da Vinci. He published his second important book "De divina proportione," in 1509. This book discussed topics including mathematical proportion, geometry, and architecture. Along with beautiful three-dimensional renderings by da Vinci,
L A :) x

Feeling Blue & Lapis Lazuli

Silent Love Art
'Golden Azure Summer Phi!

“Silence is the most fitting connotation of beauty, like the peace of the calm, blue sea.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling

(eft and below 'Enchantment by Antosa©

(click on photos to enlarge)
Hi! I hope that you have had a good Summer Antosa has been busy My 'Silent Love Art' has been inspired by my love of the Ocean.

My home in Kenya Kurwitu Beach Vipingo on the shores of the Indian Ocean  inspired my yet to be published 5th childrens book 'Enchantment'  the Indian Oceans amazing Azure blue tones which blend into iridescent  shades of torquoise blue ahhh! pure bliss:)

Right:Lapis Lazuli
Well Antosa has been ispired again to use the colours of the beautiful Oceans for my latest 21st Century Illuminated 'Golden Azure Summer Phi'! hand Painted Toile Cire'e
My choice of paints colours mixes etc and my research has led me to one of the oldest pigments used in Art lapis lazuli: a piece of heaven on earth!
It was so prized by ancient peoples of the Middle East that it was known as "blue gold"
so I am delighted to incorporate the lustre of Lapis Lazuli into my latest Illuminated summer art work.
I thought you would enjoy a trip with me to the bottom of the sea! as I bob along!
L Antosa x

Smile though your heart is breaking

Hi! Much has taken place in the past week!

Two of my Beautiful dear and beloved women friends of mine passed away on 1st of August 2014 and were laid to rest last week!

"To the land beyond
where thoughts do dwell
& within thy heart
lies a darkened cell
yet so still
Till Dawns a
New Day
New Dreams
of New Tomorrows
Antosa 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                       
(click on photos to enlarge)


It is a wonderful thing to love and be loved and  be alive in the present a gift from above and to love & appreciate all that we are and have.

Antosa believes we must never loose our childlike curious creativity to see the world through the eyes of innocence to touch, to feel and be in the moment of sheer innocent love & beauty
L Antosa  x
'Ars longa, vita brevis'   ( right : picture Antosa aged 2yrs)

Deli-Isherwood 'Love Treats'

  Life to me is An Art from Fashion, make-up food & drink to interior designing I love to make the absolute most of everything for life is An Art.

(below : one of my special home made breakfast pinneapple drink with yogurt sprinkled with seeds & edible 24carat Gold and drizzled with honey)
(click on photos to enlarge)

Mother Nature has provided the most amazing fresh foods in season with amazing colours that tantalize and give our taste buds a treat.  (above: my breakfast this morning fresh hand-picked strawberries kiwi fruit & water melon with home-made yogurt drizzled with honey & sprinkled with home-made muesli with seeds.)

Being in the kitchen for me is like an extension of an art studio for it is here that I can create the most scrumptious culinary visual delights or just bake realy wholesome foods like my home-made Irish Soda bread above (freshly made this morning).

Deli-Isherwood 'Love Treats'
The Kitchen is where I love to relax but what I love most of all is I am able to  share what I create with my family, friends and loved ones.

I love giving and sending little unexpected food 'Love Treats' that cost very little except ones time but made most of all with love which money cannot buy!
Have a great week-end
L Antosa x

Whisky Revival!:)Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.

I am delighted  to introduce to you some of my 21st Century Scottish Whisky Glass designs.

From 2004 I was busy researching into the ancient art of glass enamelling and Hand painting and finally produced in 2006  my ‘Golden Sword’ dedicated to Robert the Bruce and the  ‘Golden Thistle’ dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots hand painted whisky glasses embellished with 24carat gold.

And I am delighted to now be in a position to revive and produce my Exclusive hand painted whisky glasses embellished with 24carat gold (to hold that treasured Scottish liquid gold called whisky!)

My Scottish Grandfather James Hamilton Snr loved a wee dram or two  and my late recently departed father James Hamilton did too.
 I am sure they would love to know that I created 21st Century designer whisky glasses to hold their favourite ‘wee dram’.

  Both my Grandfather and father were great Gentle Scotsmen who  loved Scotland and were very proud of their heritage as I am too.
A wee raised glass and toast to them both
In Honour to my late

Granfather James Hamilton Sr
& Father James Hamilton
Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.
Antosa x
Ps. This tune was  the last lament  at my late father James Hamilton's funeral in April 2014 and  was piped by one of his great nephews one of my cousins sons in the Scottish mining village of Bowhill in Fife where he was laid to rest in the family Hamilton grave .
God Bless my Scottish 'Hamilton' side of the  Family  & God Bless us all!
L A x

Summertime Strawberries and Cream time!

Creativity is not just confined to my canvass, ceramics etc I also adore to create in the kitchen.
which is one of my delights in life!

Recently for the final of Wimbledon Tennis I created my summertime Strawberry & Cream Tea time treats pictured here.

(click on photos to enlarge)
L & R: Strawberry cream shortcake with home made stawberry preserve

L&R:Strawberry & cream angel cakes

 Dear friends of mine who live nearby were given  these special afternoon treats!.

I  pick my own strawberries as I live to a nearby fruit farm where I pick all the fruit in season and then make into my home made preserves & liqueurs which I then keep and give as presents to loved ones.
Being thoughtful does not cost much only time and effort but it is worth the joy! 

Talking of joy I do enjoy a fine glass of wine! with music so please share with me this moment!
As we listen to Verdi La Traviata the drinking song!
Antosa :) x

Iona & The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

I am delighted to have been asked to display some of my 'Illuminated Ecclesiastical & Iconographic Art Creations' on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.  I will keep you posted regarding the dates which should be  possibly near the end of August!

(click on photos to enlarge)

An impressive piece of illumination from the Middle Ages is one of the carpet pages from the Lindisfarne Gospels. (8th Century)

Holy Island of Lindisfarne: In 635AD Saint Aidan came from Iona and chose to found his monastery on Lindisfarne. The Christian message flourished here and spread throughout the world.
The Lindisfarne Gospels book is one of the greatest landmarks of human cultural achievement. Created by the community of St Cuthbert on Lindisfarne it is one of the best examples of Medieval creativity and craftsmanship.

In view of the Sacred and Artistic History of this amazing Holy Island Antosa is truly honoured to have been asked to  display 
'My Silent Love Illuminated Art Creations' on  the Holy  Island of Lindisfarne inspired on  the Island of Iona Scotland
Antosa x

Casta Diva! enjoy the moment!

'My Silent Love Art Creations' Baring Ones Soul!

I joined a very interesting art forum and a question arose as to "What is creativity? use only one or two words.
Without a second thought I put down 'Silent Love' why?
on my Linkedin profile which I updated  explains how I feel

'My Silent Love' Creative Art transends all Peoples, Nations Tribes,& Tongues for it speaks to ones heart, mind  & through to the windows of ones soul.
In Silence one can observe, understand & feel the simple language of 'My Silent Love' Creative Art.

(il mio amore silenzioso) (mon amour silencieux) (mi amor silencioso)(sio̱pi̱lí̱ agápi̱ mou)(upendo wangu kimya)(moy molchit lyubov') (私の沈黙の愛) (我的沉默的爱) (मेरे चुप प्यार) (حبي الصامت)

As an Art Historian & Artist I absolutely adore & love Art Creativity which I call 'My Silent Love' from the first thought to the birth of each new creation In silence, in aloneness 'My Silent Love' Art Creations begin to germinate, illuminate & grow and I enter into My , I,  Self,  'Zone' My, I, Self 'Vortex' where Time stands still there is only me, My self, I 'My Silent Love' Art Creation.

My heart, My mind,My soul &My very spirit of My being transends with and within each new creation.
As each year passes 'My Silent Love' of Art deepens.
Art is My life
My 'Silent Love'
like the air I breath
I simply cannot exist without my 'My Silent Love' Art Creations
L Antosa x

New York International Carpet Show 7-9th Sept 2014!

I was invited  a few days ago by Denis Dodds Founder and Owner; New York International Carpet Show,  to partisipate in the up and comming New York International Carpet Show 2014!

(click on photos to enlarge)

"Dear Antosa,
Exceptional concept, exquisitely rendered.
If you want to introduce your artistry and unique floorcoverings to the North American market/"(Denis Dodds Founder & Owner; New York Carpet Show)

The offer of exhibiting at the New York International Carpet Show 2014! it is tempting and I would love to go!

However on the home front I have been busy organizing private business meetings  over the next few months with top interior designers and buyers within the exclusive design market &  the response has been very encouraging.

I thought you would like to view 
Left:The Oldest Rug in the World: Pazyryk Carpet
To our knowledge, it is the oldest piled rug still in existence, and is housed at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.  The museum’s website description of this antique rug is as follows: “Its decoration is rich and varied: the central field is occupied by 24 cross-shaped figures, each of which consists of four stylized lotus buds.  This composition is framed by a border of griffins, followed by a border of twenty-four fallow deer.  The widest border contains representations of workhorses and men.”
Evidence obtained from recent excavations near the Caspian Sea indicates that the shearing of sheep and goats, and the spinning and weaving of the fibres obtained, was practiced as early as 6000 bc.

Based on a study of ancient artistic development, textile expert Ulrich Schurmann has reached the conclusion that the rug is of Armenian origin. 
The Persians also claim it as their own, believing that it’s an artifact from the Achaemenid Empire.

 For now, the exact origin of the Pazyryk Carpet will remain a mystery, but it’s significance and beauty is forever eternal.
And with those exquisite concluding words
I send you my Salaams
 Antosa x

Opera, Africa, Life, Death, La Traviata & Treachery

I opened my mail to-day to see a link to someone in East Africa Kenya and if the truth be told Africa is one of the loves of my life. And this music has to be played
for it sums up my  love of Africa x

Having lived more than half my life in Kenya  is entwined in the ever ongoing tapestry of my spirit, soul life & very being .
Full of amazing memories laughter, love, birth, creation, tragedy & treachery and as always for me Art is, was and always shall be my solace.

As I am now  preparing my latest Illuminated 'Toile Cire'e' this simple e-mail today triggered in my mind a waterfall of images, places and people who shared my life  in East Africa Kenya.  I  know life is not always easy infact sometimes it can seem to be very harsh especially if you loose someone you love. To those who grieve as I have I reach out & send you my love.

After my Father passed away this Springtime 2014  I realised come June 21st that my true Midsommers Night Dreame lay deep within my heart in a dormant state but and has been stirred and  that is the  love I have of my beloved Africa Kenya.

Kenya inspired my 4 published children's books artwork and illustration scenes which I now recreate onto my Nursery Toile Cire’e.

However what evolves now onto my latest Summertime canvass as I begin to create my Illuminated ‘Toile Cire’e’ remains to be seen?

Truth, acceptance & being true to oneself, ones dreams, ones hopes, ones desires, and what one loves and truly wants in life is so important, for we are all just whisper thoughts in an enormous ongoing musical Opera ‘Of’  life which is like an ever changing  stage production of music, caste & settings changing minute by minute day by day  & year by year. Being true to oneself is the greatest gift for that is what is the essence of true happiness! 

Left :La Traviata  poster Alfons Mucha1896 La_Dame aux Camélias Sarah_Bernhardt

One of my favourite Operas ‘In’ life is La Traviata  however I have included in the utube below other Opera arias all sung by Maria Callas one  in particular 'Casta Diva' I simply adore!
 My 'Opera'of life has been  full of Love, Life, birth, Art, Creation, laughter, dramatic tragedy death, deep sorrow & the ulimate in Treachery!
But each day is a fresh new script, new threads of gold to weave into our very own ongoing 'Operatic Tapestry of life!

L Antosa x

A Midsommer Nights Dreame ( Il mio giardino d'estate d'oro

21st of June 2014
 A Midsommer Nights Dreame has inspired the start of my latest Toile Cire'e Creation.
At the moment my Art Creation is germinating seeds of  thoughts & 'Dreams' so I now have the pure joy and ecstasy of creating my Midommer Nights Dreame/Garden.

 Shakespear's Midsommer Nights Dreame
Though it is not a translation or adaptation of an earlier work, various sources such as Ovid's Epic Metamorphosis and Chausers's "The Knights Tale" served as inspiration.
Many of the stories from the Metamorphoses have been the subject of paintings and sculptures, particularly during Renaissance period.

left Bartolomeo di Giovanni - The Myth of Io Created: circa 1490 (Early Renaissance)

The ancient Roman poet Ovid, in his "The Metamorphoses," told the story of the nymph Io who was seduced by Jupiter, the king of the gods. When his wife Juno became jealous, Jupiter transformed Io into a heifer to protect her. This panel relates the second half of the story.

Left :The sculpture "Apollo and Daphne" by Bernini in the Galleria Borghese.1622-1625 Le Bernin
Today & over the next few days & weeks I shall escape & retreat as I create
My Midsommer Nights Dreame :)  Garden
Il mio giardino d'estate d'oro (my Golden Summertime Garden)

I was born in Summer July 5th so Summer time for me is very special .
And inspired by Ovid's Epic Metamorphosis opening line

In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas/ corpora; ("I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities;")

 Have a wonderful Estate d'oro Golden Summertime
Antosa x

Renaissance 'Primavera D'oro' Embellished in 24carat gold

This has been a very exhausting time and I shall share with you  moments in the creation of my latest 'Toile Cire'e so please celebrate with me the
Birth 'Renaissance' of my new creation

  I am thrilled to present my 'Primavera D'oro' 'Golden Springtime'2014
Out of Darkness came forth light!
In my darkest moments came forth light truly as this Spring proved to be one of my saddest moments in my life and as always Antosa in these dark moments turns inward to see beauty and light
my Illuminated 'Primavera D'oro' came from the depth of my heart & soul.

With  each brush stroke my thoughts,  my heart, soul, mind and most of all my spirit became encapsulated and encompassed into this one creation which I  Embellished   with 24carat gold the purest mineral on earth

I shall try to describe how I feel when creating "From when I start in that  artistic moment  time stands still nothing exists  except that which is within being expressed onto canvass I am totally in a vortex of pure artistic beauty. Time for me has no meaning only my creation is paramount. It is difficult to describe perhaps best summed up simply 'I retreat into a world all of my own where there is no time :)

All of my creations shall from 2014 be inscriped with a 24carat gold A and accompanied by the inscription taken from the first Greek Potters/Painters  Exekias & Amasis 525BC who were tow of the first  to sign their work
So 21st Century Antosa shall sign;
Antosa engrapse Kapoi'ese me
( Antosa made & painted me)  
L Antosa :)x

L Antosa x

Antosa De La Rose Spring time New Begginings

Hi! Long time no hear!from me!
And as you will be aware I have changed the name of my web page to Antosa De La Rose. Which is rather apt for I took the De La Rose from one of the first romantic novels in Europe Roman De La Rose written in 1230and is a medievalFrenchpoem styled as an allegoricaldream vision. It is a notable instance of courtly literature. The work's stated purpose is to both entertain and to teach others about the Art of Love

(click on photos to enlarge)
And love is what my art is all about for I love to live and I love art it is as the air I breath I simply cannot exist without creating
Inspiration for my Toile Cire'e began Spring time in Paris 2010 so Antosa De La Rose is rather apt for this web site
As you will note that I also include my Nursery collection of Toile Cire'e based on my (c) published children's book illustrations.
I am very excited about Antosa De La Rose Toile Cire'e Hand Painted Floor Coverings
and look forward to you joining me on this journey.

Life delt a very sad blow with the death of someone who I loved recently.

Life is such a fleeting moment and as I love life my plans are to create and do that which I love the most which is Art.

Spring time is here!:) and with the music of Vivaldi's 4 seasons playing in the background I am inspired and I am creating some Spring time Toile Cire'e Hand Painted Floor Coverings.

I will try and take some photos of the process as the preperation of the Toile Cire'e takes about 4-5 days so patience is needed but it is worth the wait as then it is the part I love most Alla Prima painting:)
It all starts with a thought and I visualise what I want and then I do as much research on the subject as possible till it becomes so part of my being that when I get to putting my brush onto the Toile Cire'e I  am guided by that which is within.
Art is as the air I breath I simply cannot live without it:)
So many Spring time Love comming your way!
New Dreams
New Tomorrows
New Begginings
L Antosa x

A Blank Canvass

A Blank Canvass

I have a little motto when it comes to colour 'when in doubt go white'.
White can be a perfect pallet to any colour you want especially for Nursery & Children's Rooms.

When it comes to accessorizing your Nursery you can pick out key colours  from my Dawn to Dusk Illustrations in 'Don't run Rhino'                                                          
As seen here
with my 'Toile Cire'e' Nursery floor covering complimenting this is
Lime Green perfect with pure white and you can then adorn the nursery with key unique accessories.

And talking of Nursery Toy Boxes and 'Toile Cire'e' I am now off to finish painting a Nursery Toy Box and to start painting a Nursery 'Toile Cire'e' I shall try and take photos and keep you posted.:)
Have a lovely Day
L Antosa x

14th Century French Floor Covering & Kirkcaldy?

With my research into my 14th Century floor coverings 'Toile Cire'e' I can be in no better place than?

Kirkcaldy! in the Kingdom of Fife Scotland
because when it comes to floor covering Kirkcaldy was the leading centre in the world for making linoleum for around 100 years.

Kirkcaldy is now the only town in the UK that still makes the product.

And I know that Fife Council Museums has the best collection of items from the industry held anywhere in the UK. With over 6,000 objects, photographs and archives, it’s a rich resource for researchers. Items date from the start of the Kirkcaldy industry in the 1840s up to the present.

Part of my research project is right on my door step and I am looking forward to sharing with you some of this history.

Thank you & Have a good day!:)
L Antosa x