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'Biogeometric φ Art Designs' ©

1 Edition of (5) Illuminated Giclée Fine Art Prints

Hand Embellished with 24 Carat Gold φ


Certificate of Authenticity

By Antosa ©

(click on photos to enlarge)

Golden 'Peace of Phi φ

Bellow:'Original Art work :Tiered 3 dimensional


: 'Peace of Phi'Mixed

Medium: Acrylics/oils Watercolors, Ancient Minerals, Lapis Lazuli, Mayan blue, Ancient Pigments embellished with 24 carat Gold

Size (W: 96.5cm x L: 77.4cm x D: 10.1cm By Antosa yr: 2014)

'D'oro Tempio di Primavera φ'

Above Original Tiffany-esque

:D'oro Tempio di Primavera

Medium: Mixed Acrylics, Oil, ancient pigments, & 24 carat Gold

Style: Original Tiered 3 dimensional Biogeometric φ Art Design

Colour: Gold

Size: 99.0 Cm x 

Golden 'Peace of Phi' φ'Dove'

After Creating Peace of Phi φ (Art left)

with two strokes of the Golden Ratio Phi φ

in pure simplicity on the back of the painting emerged 'Peace of Phi' φ'Dove' which is now an Art creation in its own right

Golden Seed of Life

Above : Back of "D'oro Tmpio di Primavera φ

Seme d'oro Della vita' 

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Copyright Laws©™All sketches Illustrations & designs are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Antosa Isherwood© and may not be used by anyone including painters, floor cloth manufacturers or other artists. Under UK & International Copyright laws, unauthorized reproduction and/or use are illegal and subject to fines.

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