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African Wildlife Prints

Black-Maned Lion

by Antosa ©

Kenya 1997/8

Exclusive Giclée Fine Art Prints

(All prints include Certificate of Authenticity)

In 2015 Cecil the African black maned lion was brutally slaughtered this news broke the hearts of many including my own

The horrific death of Cecil is especially poignant to me for in Kenya from 1996 -1998 I completed a series of sketches of a young African Black- Maned lion.

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The survival of the fittest does not always apply, and help sometimes comes from unexpected sources, giving us a second chance.

'Kwanza, the young Black-Maned lion in my Art is a living example.

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All sketches Illustrations & designs are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Antosa Isherwood© and may not be used by anyone including painters, floor cloth manufacturers or other artists. Under UK & International Copyright laws, unauthorized reproduction and/or use are illegal and subject to fines.

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