Antosa De La Rose - Unique Scottish Heather Nectar
Antosa De La Rose - "Love of Beauty is Taste

 Unique Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland Heather Herbal Tea & Nectar

Capturing the Magical Essence of Romantic Scotland
In every sip!

Exclusive Product, Design & Art
by Antosa ©

Premier Ingredients :100%Organically sourced, Pure & Natural, Fat free, nut free, gluten free, GM free, suitable for: Vegans,Vegetarians Halal & Kosher

‘Unicorn Mist’
Wild Mountain Highland  Heather Nectar & Mocktea;

Original non-alcoholic Mockteal
by Antosa©

Pink Blush
'Rosa Arrosirre'

Exclusive  Prosecco, Highland  Heather Nectar  Cocktail
(Matrimonio fatto in paradiso)

Scots Whisky & Heather Nectar Cocktail

Scots Whisky n Heather Cocktail (Royal Scots whisky glass: limited edition designed by Antosa ©)