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 In June  2014  I  joined an International Business net work  and I am appreciating very much the comments made by  Art Historians, Critics, Galleries, Artists & the Art Community  also to all from varied business backgrounds regarding my  Creative Artistic Research & Design work.

Getting this feedback from around the world is very important to me.
As an Artist for most of the time one is in a very 'alone space'  it is like living in a exquisite timeless 'time warp' Bubble! :)
Also as I have been so busy creating my 'Marketing' has been rather, well to say the least neglected as one dear friend said to me" Antosa you are like the goose that lays the golden eggs but have not gone to market yet!" 

I wish to share with you a few “Quotes" out of many from my International correspondence (click on photos to enlarge)

November 2016 Latest Testimonial which I was delighted to receive from a young Artist Tiago Azevedo who has exhibited Internationally Paris New York & Rome  

(left: Private Exhibition Rosslyn Chapel Scotland 2006 Sacred Iconagraphic Art work by Antosa©  now in a Private Collection)

"Hi, your art is amazing. I have an exhibit in Cannes where the famous Cannes Film Festival is held nearby the Principality of Monaco 
Would you be interested in being a part in this exhibit? If so please sent an email to my agent" 

I had a look at your website - very exciting stuff.
Quote: by Todor Todorov, MA, PhD Associate Professor, PhD, EPU International Sculptor Bulgaria Author of "Elemental Sculpture:Theory and practice"

Dear Antosa
"Visited your site and was amazed by the work and the theme presented.
Much impressed with your profile and career...
Loved the Poem to Phi and the My Silent Love :)
Wish you all Success you well deserve... and aspire .
Best regards
Gulnar Sacoor Independent professional, Artist (artista plastica )Lisbon area Portugal

"your work is beautiful!"
Quote: by Marianne Gunter Owner/Director,
Gallery Two-Ten Ltd Colorado Springs USA

" Antosa
I have visited your website and admired your hand-painted floor-coverings."
"I do like your designs very much, they are really exquisite.
I was only wondering how you protect the oil paint from wear and tear. Do you use some kind of plastic varnish for that? "
 Quote: by  Bob van den Boogert Art Historian Board Member, Hercules Segers StichtingNetherlands

Antosa What an interesting and diverse working life you have had
Please take a look at Artplode -the new international art sales website we have just launched
Hope you will decide to list some of your beautiful work on the site soon.
Quote: by  Maureen McCarthy CEO at Artplode LTD”UK

Carry on being creative - you have a fantastic gift !!!!
Kind Regards
Quote: by John Carl Nelson Loans Servicing Specialist (LSS)UK
"Hi Antosa,
looked at your sites, very interesting what you do. I could not find any information on where you are in the world
We are mostly filming Artists in Australia and New Zealand at the moment but have intentions of crossing to America and Britain in the next few years
. If you are in Australia then we can talk right now but if not we will have to wait until we cross the oceans, hope all is well for you, Graeme "
Quote: by Graeme Stevenson CEO at Colour in your life Australia

Hi Antosa
Love your work,
Wine glasses look very nice!
Quote: by Ed Lantz President and CTO, Vortex Immersion Media, Inc USA

I have seen your lovely work on  web!
Really nice things!
Kind regards
Quote: by Kiker Rodriquez Artist Spain

"Hi Antosa
I love your work
kind regards
Christain "
Quote by Christain Shellard Antique furniture
( Restorer & Dealer) Artempus period Design Vigo area Spain

Dear Antosa,
I have viewed your website and I found his research work interesting.
I am struck by the use of blue, domaninante on the construction of the figures that intertwine creating decorations and alternative solutions to geometric forms and those of the genetic body.
Good job.
Gabriele Romeo art curator and critic, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit BEZIRK NIEDERBAYERN EINLADUNG - Germany

"Dear Antosa,
Exceptional concept, exquisitely rendered.
If you want to introduce your artistry and unique floorcoverings to the North American market, consider taking a small stand at our boutique trade show."
"Quote: Dennis Dodds Founder & President, New York International Carpet Show LLC USA
Hi Antosa
saw your website.. some really awesome work on your website.
you are awesome artist "
Quote: by Manish Aggarwal Owner & Director Endeavour Africa Ltd

And to all who have asked "shall you be exhibiting soon?" the answer is we shall see for I have Art Works only ever seen in Exclusive Private Exhibitions so
  I will keep you all posted!"
Thank you
Antosa x

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