Antosa De La Rose - Highland Heather Tea N Nectar
Antosa De La Rose - "Love of Beauty is Taste
The House of Antosa Delarose 'Joy of Imagination Encapsulated in Visual & Edible Artistic Creativity'​ By Antosa ©™
 Slàinte mhath

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Wild Mountain Highland Heather Harvest Festival
 September 21st -23rd 2019

Mother Natures Great Outdoor Art Gallery Scotland
Left: Original 'Froachan' Art & Designer Edible Art Products By Antosa©
By the Light of the Harvest Moon
The Highland Heather Hand Harvesting started in August was completed by the light of the Rare Harvest Moon on 13th September 2019
And now the delicate, intricate, highly skilled Art of  Creating Deli-isher's  Exclusive Hand Harvested Wild Mountain Highland Heather Tea & Nectar of the Gods Begins!
Slainte Mhath
PS. A very special Highland Heather Harvest Festival will took place in Mother Natures Great outdoor Art Gallery 

Spirit of Wild Rugged Romantic Scotland
In every sip!

Premier Ingredients :100%Organically sourced, Pure & Natural, Fat free, nut free, gluten free, GM free, suitable for: Vegans,Vegetarians Halal & Kosher

Scotland Takes my Breath away
Inspires Me Day by Day! Antosa 

Gourmet Hand Harvested
 Wild Mountain Highland Heather Herbal Tea N Nectar was born out of my love for Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors

As I Hiked with my family in the Glens  Mountains N Moors of  of Bonnie Scotland 

Left: Studio Froachan Tartan Poster Art & Design Antosa ©)

Left : Unique Wild Mountain Highland Heather Nectar of the Gods

Scots Whisky & Heather Nectar Cocktail

Scots Whisky n Heather Cocktail (Royal Scots whisky glass: limited edition designed by Antosa ©)

Slàinte Mhath
Antosa x

 Original Art work & Design by Antosa © 
Photography ©  J S Isherwood 


Take a Wee Walk on the  Wild Side 'O' Scotland ! 

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Take A Wee Walk On The Wild Side “O” Scotland! August Harvest Slainte Mhath
Take a Wee Walk on The Wild Side of Scotland!Life Takes my breath away Then inspires me day by day!Welcome to my homeThe Great Outdoors, House of Antosa Delarose& Deli-isher's Cuisine's Studio Fr...
Scotch on the Rocks
Wild Mountain Highland Heather High Tea

Taste 'O' the Wild Rugged Romantic  Scotland
 in every Sip!

Slainte  Mhath