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Antosa De La Rose 
Écosse & Africa   Est:2004

Exclusive Original Art Designs©
 Giclée Fine Art Prints
By Antosa ©™

Above Right: Antosa Isherwood:Art Historian(MA Aberdeen University) Artist, Poet published
Children's Author/Illustrator ©™ Mother 4 sons,Original Biogeometric Art Designer , Dipl Catering, Perfumer,Former London Harley Street Consultant Holistic Health & Beauty,
BSc (Edin)Cert Refl, Dip Aro ,MAR

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Royal Scots by Antosa Écosse ©2006/7

Iconographic Art
Robert the Bruce & Mary Queen of Scots

African Wildlife Black-Maned Lion
by Antosa Écosse & Africa © Kenya 1997/8 

Bio-Geometric Art  by Antosa Écosse  ©2014
In the begginig was the word! John chaper 1 v 1
Left ' In the Beggining
Golden Peace of Phi' φ
Embellished with Lapis Lazuli & 24 carat gold leaf

Right: Golden Peace of Phi Dove Two strokes of Phiφ
Created On the back of the main Art work

Nursery Designs & Prints
 by Antosa Écosse & Africa © 1991-2016

Illustrations © Antosa's published Children's book Don't Run Rhino Kenya 1st edition 1992 republished UK 2013

All my  Giclée Fine Art Prints
come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity
By Antosa  ©™
(Right Sample Certificate of Authenticity)
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